Sometimes the weather gods don’t play ball! I suspect James & Lucy had obviously been singing out of tune and done something to offend them as the heavens opened for much of their special day. Did it ruin it?….did it heck. James & Lucy raised their middle fingers to the rain and threw a wedding party like no other. I was honoured to be their photographer at Loughborough’s Bawdon Lodge Farm and got to capture things like grandma playing the spoons, ties around heads, speeches that made the room roar and most importantly, two amazing people saying ‘I do’ and meaning it.

I spent my morning with Lucy and the girls and we actually had the sun on our side for that bit. It was a beautiful morning and made all the better for bacon sandwiches, Prosecco and presents. Mum was in tears, the girls were at their giggly best and the atmosphere was chilled.

Lucy and James got married at All Saints Church in Newtown Linford and the service was beautiful. The moment they stepped out of the church, the rain started and pretty much lasted for the rest of the day. As mentioned, that didn’t dampen (see what i did there) any spirits and the party really kicked off over at Bawdon Lodge Farm. 

What a day, what a night and what a wedding.

Lucy & James, thanks for letting be your Bawdon Lodge Farm wedding Photographer.

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If you are looking for a photographer to produce beautiful images at Loughborough’s Bawdon Lodge Farm, drop me a message and lets talk.

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