Hi, I'm Jonathan ...

Husband, dad, Photographer, music lover, film addict & more

Hey, I’m Jonathan and I’m a professional, award winning (yay me), wedding photographer and I adore my job. I’m based out of Nuneaton which is in Warwickshire, West Midlands but I capture weddings all over the UK. I create natural storytelling wedding photos that capture the real emotions of wedding days and couple them with epic portraits. I get to spend one of the happiest days of my couples’ lives with them and that’s a pretty big honour.

Here’s a few things you may (or may not) want to know about me;

* Let’s start with a soppy one…I’m married to an amazing lady called Emily. We have two beautiful boys together that I love with all my heart. I think becoming a dad has help me realise that the small moments are just as important as the big ones and that is something I have channeled into my wedding photography.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty. The best piece of music ever is **DRUM ROLL**…The Training Montage from Rocky 4. It’s a fact, you can’t deny it. Seriously. If you haven’t heard it SHAME ON YOU. Youtube it now and be prepared to have your mind BLOWN.


I sing, play guitar and write songs in an acoustic duo called Barricades Rise. It’s cooler than it sounds 🙂   

* I sleep in the bath for like 2 hours at a time. I don’t condone this and can’t say it’s safe BUT damn, once you’ve learned how to top the hot water up with your big toe, you basically never need to leave it. 

Music has shaped my life in so many ways and I’ve always got tunes on whilst driving or tucked away editing images. Here’s a Spotify playlist of what I’m currently listening too. I warn you now, I’m not as cool as I look (don’t say anything), there may be some cheesy pop hidden within it.

*  I get lost in films and TV too easily. Some current & all time favourites are…GOT, The MCU (RIP Tony), Star Wars (But not The Last Jedi, that sucked), The Nolan Batman Trilogy, Garth Marenghis Darkplace, Line of Duty, Luther…I could go on. To be fair my taste is broad and my wife is always complaining how, and in her own word, “I get sucked in to any old sh^t”.

* I love food. Chinese food, Indian food, Mexican Food, Italian Food & basically anything that doesn’t contain Mushrooms (the devils work) & Fish (with the exception of real fish like battered cod or fish fingers). If we have the pleasure of meeting, you will see how much I like food….about a stone & and half too much 🙁


If you want to get to know me and my family a little better or see some work outside of weddings, take a look at the blog posts below or head straight to my Journal pageYou on Instagram? Try my stories, it’s the real me.