About Me – Hey, I’m Jonathan…

Hey, I’m Jonathan, husband to the amazing Emily, Dad to two crazy boys called Alex & Ethan and a full-time wedding photographer. I’m a massive lover of music and love playing it, writing it and listening to it. Everything good in my life came via music. I met my wife studying music, my closest friends were made over the love of it and most importantly, I brought a camera to film me playing music. That very same camera started me off on a journey that soon became life-changing for me…I became a Wedding Photographer.

I genuinely love this strange world of wedding photography and getting to meet so many cool & friendly couples makes this job the best in the world. Who wouldn’t want to spend their time amongst people having the happiest day of their lives?
Check out The Blog for some real wedding goodness.

Outside of all this, I love to chat and consider myself a friendly approachable chap. I also like making up games with my two sons and then beating them at those games and gloating big time. I LOVE film and TV and often get lost for hours in (what my wife calls) any old rubbish. I’m a massive food lover and if you meet me, you will see I love it about 2 stone too much.

If you want to get to see the real me, head over to my instagram page and keep an eye on my stories. Also, at the bottom of this page you will see my Journal blog. This is a place where I keep all my family and personal photography bits. Check it out.

A Little More About Me

Here’s the quick-fire round…Strap in

My Fave Bands – Editors, Tallest Man on Earth, Andy Burrows…This list could go on for ages

My Fave Films – Gonna cheat here and pick the entire MCU (RIP Tony Stark). But love action films, chick flicks, comedies and thrillers….I adore films

My Fave TV – Broadchurch, Greys Anatomy (Don’t judge me), Band of Brothers.

My Fave Food – Curry, Pizza, Chinese food…All the healthy stuff 🙂

My Fave Place – Vegas Baby

Other Loves – Playing Poker, Audible Books, Podcasts, Dogs, Elvis Juice Beer, Sleeping in the bath.

Hates – Fish (Except real fish like Fish Fingers and Battered Cod), In truth, I’m all about peace and love, no room for hate….but FISH can do one.