About me

Hey, I’m Jonathan

husband to the amazing Emily, Dad to two crazy boys called Alex & Ethan and a full-time wedding photographer based in The Midlands.

I genuinely love this strange world of wedding photography and getting to meet so many cool & friendly couples makes this job the best in the world. Who wouldn’t want to spend their time amongst people having the happiest day of their lives?

Outside of all this, I love to chat and consider myself a friendly approachable guy.

I also like making up games with my two sons and then beating them at those games and gloating big time. I listen, play and write music as often as I can. I LOVE watching films and TV shows and often get lost for hours in (what my wife calls) any old rubbish. I’m a massive food lover and if you meet me, you will see I love it about 2 stone too much.

About - Jonathan Coates
Portrait of Jonathan Coates

A Little more about me…

  • My Fave Bands

Editors, Tallest Man On Earth, The Slow Readers Club…this list could go on for ages. From Rock to 80’s cheese, Brit Pop to epic films scores…I like it all.

  • My Fave TV

Pretty much any Netflix documentary about bad people getting caught by good people. You know the kind

  • My Fave Place

Vegas Baby.

  • My Fave Food

Curry, Pizza, Chinese food…All the healthy stuff 🙂

  • My Fave Films

Gonna cheat here and pick the entire MCU (RIP Tony Stark). But love action films, comedies and thrillers….Mega Film fan

  • Other Loves

Listening & making music, Playing Board Games (cooler than it sounds…honestly), binging Podcasts & Sleeping in the bath (the only place to get some peace with two kids)

My Journal

If you want to get to see the real me, head over to my instagram page and keep an eye on my stories. Also, below you will see my journal blogs. This is a place for me to share me and my family.


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