Hi, I'm Jonathan ...

Husband, dad, Photographer, music lover, film addict & more

Hey, my name is Jonathan and let me first welcome you to my website. Hopefully you have looked around and like what you see. I’m a professional, award winning (yay me), documentary wedding photographer and adore my job. I get to spend one of the happiest days of my couples’ lives with them and that’s a pretty big honour. I get to spend every weekend at a party (all be it sober so images stay straight) and I get to create images that tell the story of these monumental occasions that I hope will be passed on through their families for years to come.

Here’s a few things you may (or may not) want to know about me;


I’m married to an amazing lady called Emily. We have two beautiful boys together that I love with all my heart……..But they wind me up big time


I’m a musician. I sing, play guitar and write songs in an acoustic duo called Barricades Rise.   

*  Music has shaped my life and I’ve always got tunes on whilst driving or tucked away editing images. Here’s a Spotify playlist of what I’m currently listening too. I warn you now, there may be some cheesy pop in it.

*  I get lost in films and TV. Some current & all time favourites are…Game Of Thrones, Criminal Minds, Bones, Star Wars, Walking dead, all Wes Anderson films & the Nolan Batman Trilogy…ps, I’m a secret cryer when it comes to chick flicks

* I love food. Chinese food, Indian food, Mexican Food, Italian Food, dog food (just checking you’re reading this) & basically anything that doesn’t contain Mushrooms (the devils work) & Fish (with the exception of real fish like battered cod or fish fingers). If we have the pleasure of meeting, you will see how much I like food….about two stone too much 🙁

If you want to get to know me and my family a little better or see some work outside of weddings, take a look at the blog posts below or head straight to my Journal page.