There’s DIY weddings and then there’s Jemma & Matt’s version of a DIY wedding. These guys really took the premise of Do It Yourself and ran with it. The wedding reception was held at a quant little Village Hall in Loughborough that they spend a whole day decorating it out with a blanket of fairy lights on the ceiling, flowers, photos of themselves and their loved ones & beautiful long trestle tables that were laid as beautiful as I’ve ever seen. They had garden games, a home made Photo Booth & even sourced and served their own food to the guests.

Before all that, Jemma & Matt were wed at St Mary Church in Charnwood but unfortunetly, the vicar wouldn’t allow any images taken of the service (This is rare but always worth speaking with your vicar first if you are reading this and planning your own Church wedding).After the service, their friends lined the doors of the church with their hockey sticks raised high whist the newly weds walked through the tunnel with the biggest smiles on their faces. Those smiles never left their faces for the rest of the day 🙂

It really was a beautiful wedding and all the effort and love these guys had put in to making it ‘their own’, really paid off.

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