Wedding Photography FAQ’S

I’ve done my best to answer the most common questions I get below. With that said, every wedding is unique and every bride and groom have different needs and expectations. If you have any questions that I haven’t answered, want to see some real wedding day photos in more detail then drop me an email and I will get back to you ASAP. If it’s pricing you want to know, click on the contact & pricing page and fill out my super short questionnaire.


How many images will I receive?

Whilst I don’t put a limit on what you will receive, it seems on average I delivery (on average) between 500 and 800 images from a wedding. These are the best images that tell the story and really showcase your day.

How Long Do You Stay

I’m all about capturing as much of your story as possible. I will get to you as early as you want me in the morning and I stay until I have what I need. There are no time limits and I’m often found on the dancefloor late into the evening.

Can I buy Prints or Albums?

Directly from your online gallery you can order professional-grade prints. I also offer printed wedding albums as an extra and they look AMAZING. You also get a print release with your images so you can get them printed wherever you like.

How Can I Book You & How Far Will You Travel?

Click on the ‘Contact & Pricing’ page and fill in the enquiry form. I will send you my wedding brochure with everything you need to know.

I travel the whole country shooting weddings and also shot in the USA and in Europe.

Can We have Group Shots?

100% yes. I don’t show them on my website much as these are personal pictures that mean something to the people at that wedding only however, I do take them. You have probably been to weddings before where this takes sooooo long. I like to be quick to avoid you standing in a line when you could be mingling with a drink in your hand. You give me a list before the day and I will make it happen.

We Hate Having our Pictures Taken!

OK, so this is more of a statement than a question but it is something I get told by 50% of my couples. Please rest assured that the majority of your day it’s all natural and documentary pictures. Once we get to the couples shots, I promise we will make this fun and relaxed. I want natural smiles and don’t want anything to feel or look forced. I will guide you, we will laugh and you will get some awesome pictures 🙂