Newlands Bishop Farm Wedding Photographer

Seriously, the number of times I must have thought to myself ‘God, I love that wedding dress’ on Jade & Matthews’s big day at Newlands Bishop Farm. I’m a sucker for people doing things their own way and bucking the norm, These guys definitely seemed like those kinds of people. From Jade’s short cut dress with some of the best detail I’ve seen, A colour bursting bouquet, bouncing into the Tipi on space hoppers, DIY decorations and generally being all about the stress-free fun wedding, these guys rocked and I knew from the first 5 mins of being there, this wedding was gonna be a highlight of my year. A massive thank you to them both for allowing me to be their Newlands Bishop Farm wedding photographer.

Jade and her Bridesmaids laughed their way through the morning preparations before meeting with Matt and all their family friends at St Peter and Paul’s Church in Water Orton. Vows were said, rings were donned and everyone piled out for confetti and group shots before heading over to Newlands Bishop Farm for an afternoon of drinking, lawn games and laughing in the sun.

Everyone gathered in the Tipi for food and speeches before the DJ & Band got everyone dancing. The dance floor was jammed full and it seemed everyone had a real night to remember.

           NEWLANDS BISHOP FARM wedding photography  

Newlands Bishop Farm Wedding Venue

Outside of weddings, Newlands Bishop Farm is an amazing place that gives people with learning disabilities the chance to learn skills in a work-based environment. On a wedding day, it’s beautiful green gardens and open spaces make it the perfect Tipi-Wedding venue. The Farm is located in near Solihull in the picturesque village of Catherine De Barns. As mentioned, the gardens around the Farm are beautiful and they make for some great beauty spots for some couples portraits. In the middle of the field is a two tent tipi. It seats 120 guests and includes benches, flooring. And a dance-floor. It’s a great spot for people looking for a relaxed festival style wedding. Jade & Matt had hay bales for seating outside, fire pits and street food vans which all added to the festival vibes.

Photography at Newlands Bishop Farm

For Jade and Matt’s wedding, we utilised the lovely gardens that Bishop Farm has to offer for some colourful and rural looking wedding portraits. In contrast, we also made use of the farm buildings and more rustic elements to get some different looking shots. During the sunset, we headed just outside of the farm into the winding lanes to get the sun streaming through the trees. Our family group photos were done at the church they got married in however, there are plenty of beauty spots located around the farm we could have used. For most of the day though, my style of photography is very documentary and moment driven and the Tipi and grass fields were all decorated to resemble a festival style and this made for the perfect backdrop for the candid pictures.

Other Wedding Supplier

Jade’s lovely makeup that complemented her colourful dress and cool festival style was done by Sarah Russell. The guys responsible for making the evening reception a party to remember were The Best Men DJ’s and the Rythms Del Toro Band. The amazing wedding dress was created by The Couture Company.

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  1. cracking set of images, love the party game photos and the how much energy is on the dance floor.

  2. Cracking set of images. Her dress is awesome, so good to see that vibrant wedding dresses.

  3. You know I am your biggest fan! You’ve captured the day perfectly. The brides dress is awesome, so unique!

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