It was clear from my meetings with Amy & Ben that they wanted a proper party. All their loved ones under one roof for one awesome wedding day and that’s exactly what they had. Being their Matara Centre Wedding Photographer was a real treat and I fell for this venue hard. So many weird and wonderful things around every corner that were enhanced by Amy & Ben’s colourful decorations.

The day started with a lovely morning with team bride before walking to the Japanese-themed garden for a beautiful and packed outdoor ceremony. As soon as that finished, the party truly started. We had shot drinking from snowboards, beer pong, epic dancing and fantastic food throughout the day and night. I suspect there may have been a few sore heads the morning after 🙂

Massive thanks to Ben & Amy for picking me to be their Matara Centre wedding photographer.

The Matara Center Wedding Venue

To say the Matara Centre was a unique wedding venue would be an understatement. There are not a lot of venues that offer Japanese-styled gardens, giant giraffes randomly poking out of bushes & bursts of nature everywhere. Situated in the beautiful Cotswolds, the Matara is a true ‘Everything under one roof” venue. There’s onsite accommodation, multiple indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces, loads of rooms for use for your drinks reception and lovely outdoor spaces for guests to mingle. To top it off, there are plenty of garden spaces to wander around and get great pictures.

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Wedding Photography at The Matara Centre

There’s no shortage of spaces for pictures at the Matara. The outside spaces are bursting with nature which make for great backdrops to any picture whilst the indoor spaces are bright and distinct. The weird and wonderful quirky decor touches do make for some unique shots. There really is so much to explore in the grounds that you get lost for hours. We were lucky and the weather was mostly on our side when we last visited here, but even if the worst happened and it was a rainy day, there are plenty of indoor spaces that would allow for cool portrait pictures, group shots and natural candids as your guests enjoyed them.

Are You Looking For A Matara Centre Wedding Photographer?

It’s always a pleasure to come down to the Cotswolds and if you want a Matara Centre wedding photographer, get in touch and let’s chat about your wedding day and what I can bring to it.

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