After a couple of years away, Skegness once again played host to the Coates Family holiday 2022. We had talked about taking the kids abroad for the first time this summer, but with the craziness of this 2022 wedding season, I could only carve out 5 days to go away… so Skeggy it was to be.

We tried to cram in as many things as possible whilst still feeling like we were having a rest and I think we achieved it. We watched the Lionesses win the Euros, ate loads of fish and chips, swam in the sea, played in the sand, gambled with 2p’s in the arcades, played the longest ever game of Uno, had a swanky Italian dinner, rode a donkey, went on the fairground, ate Ice Creams & drank a couple of beers. It was everything I needed to help me re-charge for the back end of this wedding season.

Here are a few pics from our trip

Skeg20220001 Skeg20220002 Skeg20220003 Skeg20220004 Skeg20220005 Skeg20220006 Skeg20220007 Skeg20220008 Skeg20220009 Skeg20220010 Skeg20220011 Skeg20220012 Skeg20220013 Skeg20220014 Skeg20220015 Skeg20220016 Skeg20220017 Skeg20220018 Skeg20220019 Skeg20220020 Skeg20220021 Skeg20220022 Skeg20220023 Skeg20220024 Skeg20220025 Skeg20220026 Skeg20220027 Skeg20220028 Skeg20220029 Skeg20220030 Skeg20220031 Skeg20220032 Skeg20220033 Skeg20220034 Skeg20220035

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