Thorpe Garden Wedding Photographer

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had the pleasure of being a Thorpe Garden Wedding Photographer numerous times and It has become one of my favourite Midlands venues. I can’t deny I love a festival-style Tipi Wedding and Thorpe Gardens is the perfect spot for one of those.

About Thorpe Garden Wedding venue

Based in Tamworth, Thorpe Gardens is a Midlands-based wedding venue that caters for those wanting a rustic festival-feel wedding. Like Shustoke Barns or Grangefields, it is part of the Cripps portfolio of stunning wedding venues and I must say, it fits in well.  Civil Ceremonies can be held in either the attached barn, the large Yurt or even outside on the lawns. The gardens and barn will play host to your drinks reception whilst the wedding breakfast is usually served in the Yurt before it gets turned around for the evening party. Unlike a lot of Yurt/Tipi venues, where the Yurt is the only usable space, having the barn there means each section of the day can be hosted in a different space allowing for things to flow.

Thorpe Garden Wedding Photographer Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0002 Dancing at Thorpe Gardens Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0004 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0005 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0006 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0007 Best Thorpe Gardens Wedding Photography Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0009 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0010 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0011 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0012 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0013 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0014 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0015 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0016 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0017 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0018 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0019 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0020 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0021 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0022 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0023 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0024 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0025 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0026 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0027 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0028 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0029 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0030 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0031 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0032

Wedding Photography At Thorpe Gardens

Each time I’ve visited Thorpe Gardens I have found a new little space to explore and create some cool wedding photography. The gardens burst with colour and the grounds outside of the walled garden offer a “wilder” setting for portraits. The sun sets at the back of the venue overlooking the Staffordshire countryside. All the above offer a great setting for some cool couples portraits and also great places to capture those natural candid moments as your guests enjoy your day with a drink in hand. The barn is flooded with natural light throughout the day, which is always great for us photographers.

Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0033 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0034 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0035 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0036 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0037 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0038 Relaxed festival wedding at Thorpe Gardens Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0040 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0041 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0042 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0043 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0044 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0045 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0046 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0047 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0048 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0049 Sunset At Thorpe Gardens Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0051 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0052 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0053 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0054 Wedding Photography at Thorpe Garden Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0056 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0057 Thorpe-Garden-Wedding-Photographer-0058 Thorpe Garden By Night Staffordshire's Thorpe Garden
Are You Looking For A Thorpe Garden Wedding Photographer
If you’re planning your wedding at Thorpe Garden and want to a photographer that is familiar with the venue and keeps things relaxed and mostly unposed, drop me a message and let’s chat about what I can do for you.

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