Remember January 2021? We started the year going into Lockdown 3.0 and like a lot of third entries in famous trilogies, it was the worst of the lot. Not only were we completely tired of our own company, we also had the post-Christmas January blues to deal with too. At that point in time, a “normal” year of weddings didn’t look likely at all and just like most of my 2020 couples, my early 2021 couples had no choice other than to move their wedding dates. As we moved into spring, I was lucky enough to slowly start shooting some smaller weddings, and then BOOM…The summer hit and things went crazy. A whole year’s worth of weddings seemed to be crammed into a five-month period and after such a long time waiting, the flood gates truly opened. I had the pleasure of photographing weddings all over the UK as I found myself in Scotland, Wales, the south coast and what seems like everywhere in-between. I’ve photographed weddings in the woods, manor houses, grand halls, wedding barns, churches, village halls, farms, by lakes & in valleys.

Your Perfect Wedding Photographer has once again named me in their top 100 wedding photographers as well featuring me in many of their monthly awards. I bagged a Masters Of Wedding photography award earlier in the year and at the time of writing, I’m awaiting the results of the Wedding Industry Awards after once again making it through to the regional finals. I was also a nominee for the Rangefinder Rising Stars of 2021 and Although I didn’t make the final 30 winners, to be handpicked by the team at Rangefinder and to be even considered for this worldwide award is very special. I’ve also had some weddings featured on some really cool wedding blogs. Not a bad year back to weddings really.

A massive thank you to all the awesome wedding industry folks I’ve worked with this year. I’ve had some amazing second shooters, worked with some superb videographers, MUA’s, stylists and venue staff. After such a weird year in 2020, I think every single one of us felt blessed to be back doing what we love.

To all my 2021 couples….We did it and boy, we did it in style. Every wedding was a joy to be at and once again, it has strengthened my argument that I really do get the best couples 🙂 To my 2022 couples…Let’s go forth and smash it.

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