OK, where did this year go? I seriously can’t believe it’s that time of year again for this kind of blog…The old classic ‘Best of’.

So, 2019 was full of amazing wedding with fantastic couples. That now seems to be the norm around here to be fair, I guess I just attract the cool kids 🙂 I’ve seriously shot weddings for some of the most lovely people and been allowed into their inner circle on the biggest day of their lives. Once again I’ve been all over the country and got to see some of the most epic wedding venues and also some of the most intimate ceremonies in fields, back gardens and village halls. They say variety is the spice of life and that’s 100% what my weddings offered me in 2019.

I’ve also been blessed with some awards in 2019. The year started with some Master of Wedding Photography awards and then ended with two MASSIVE honours. The team at Your Perfect Wedding Photographer put me in their top 100 UK wedding photographers and The Wedding Industry Awards saw fit to give me a highly commended award. Not a bad way to end the year if I do say so myself 🙂

The biggest thank you of the year goes to the couples that trusted me to capture their day…LEGENDS. Other thanks go to Chris Bunce, Lewis Membery, Amy-Rose Deffley & Ilaria Morelli. These guys second shot for me on a handful of weddings this year and your work was valued so much by me and my couples. The final thanks go to my amazing wife & children for putting up with me being away every weekend during the summer and editing long into the weekday evenings…I love you so much and for those that want to see what I get up to with my family outside of weddings, check out my journal page.

Finally, 2020 is looking pretty special with weddings in the UK and other parts of Europe. All the couples I’ve spoken with seem like genuinely lovely people and I am really excited to see what their wedding days bring. Let’s create some amazing pictures together.

I delivered close to 50,000 images this year to my couples so trying to pick less than 200 for this blog post was near impossible, but with that said here’s a round-up of some of my favorite images of the past year…


best of 2019 wedding photography


  1. Winston Sanders says:

    Stunning images my friend! Fun, vibrant, alive, romantic, beautiful, wild… You’ve got it all dude! Loved seeing some of our images in here too 🙂

  2. You’re a moment machine! So many fun and lively images mixed with some beautiful portraits. Bravo sir!

  3. Such amazing images, great work as always and WHAT A YEAR! Love the variety in the images, so many awesome moments captured. And especially loving the gif’s!

  4. What a year you’ve had! Congrats on your awards, very well deserved! Great work all throughout the year!

  5. Boom, Moment after moment, and loving the gifs, looks an amazing year. Congratulations on 10 years as well.

  6. Just absolutely packed with humour and fun from start to finish. Full of life! Matches your personality that I see on your insta stories!

  7. Amazing stuff again this year JC, you had a stellar 2019. Here’s to more of the same in 2020

  8. Stunning set of images with remarkable variety! Love the shots with the wide angles that really draw you into the picture and make you feel like you’re there in the moment! You’ve positioned yourself so well for the toasting shots, and the gifs are hilarious! Well done, Jonathan! Another amazing year for you – I have no doubts 2020 will bring you more of the same!

  9. I love that firework shot, all of them are fantastic. Wishing you another great year ahead

  10. WOW!! So many INSANELY brilliant moments captured! And so much humour too. You’ve had an absolutely brilliant year! Have a great 2020 too!

  11. Andy Sidders says:

    Fantastic photos! Looks like you’ve had a cracking 2019!

  12. Fantastic work Jonathan! Such a cracking set of photos and obviously an amazing year of weddings! All the best for 2020 buddy.

  13. Amy-Rose Deffley says:

    Absolutely incredible JC!! This quite literally blown me away. The Elvis shot, the ladies dancing, the couple on space hoppers… this stuff is so you and you can see that you never stop searching to capture that moment. The couples must have an absolute blast with you!

  14. So many brilliant moments mate and I really like your vibrant colours. Here’s hoping your 2020 is equally as mega.

  15. Sweet as a nut! Quality frames – even spotted the lovely Winston chilling at Glebe Farm. Fun and colourful – what it should be about!

  16. Richard Sena says:

    Wow, some brilliantly caught shots, tons of emotion, makes you smile – a lovely bit of inspiration for a Monday morning

  17. Hey Jonathan, cracking set of photos – best of luck for 2022

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