Time really is weird at the moment. It truly feels like we’ve been on this lockdown for so long and the thought of doing “normal things” again seems strange now. With that said, these weekly blogs whiz round, making it feel like time is going both fast and slow all at once. Don’t worry, it’s as confusing in my head as it is written on the page 🙂

Week 9 of lockdown has followed a similar pattern to the last few weeks. Some days have been fun and other days pretty non-eventful. The weather has played a huge part in that with the sunny days spent relaxing in the Costa Del garden but, then when the temperature dropped and the winds picked up, we hit the sofas and wasted the days with our heads buried in screens.

We installed a pool with its very own flume to our garden this week. When I say pool, I mean the blow-up paddling kind and when I say flume, I mean we put the plastic slide in it. Still, if anyone asks, its a pool with a flume. The kids absolutely loved it and I even had a dip too. We had a couple of lovely days sat having beers whilst the kids got wet. The BBQ came out again and for a few hours, the world & its troubles were forgotten about.

My weekly poker game via Zoom is still going strong and it’s lovely to catch up with my friends over a virtual game of cards. Speaking of games, we took delivery of Othello and Gomoku this week and hoping some thinking/strategy games might somehow class as homeschooling.

On the work front, I’ve been doing all those little time-consuming jobs that don’t get done during the wedding season. Strangely, The list keeps growing the more I do, so I’ve no worries about running out of things to do whilst I can’t shoot weddings. Three-quarters of my 2020 weddings have now postponed to 2021 and I expect most of the remaining ones to be doing so very soon.

Well I can’t sit here and type this all day…I’ve got Streets of Rage 4 to complete

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