Week 11 started pretty flat and there was a couple of days at the start of the week that I think have been the worst for me of the lockdown so far. Nothing bad happened at all, but with Emily working back upstairs on the laptop after a half-term of fun, the weather changing for the worst and all of us wasting too many hours on mobiles/iPads, morale was at a low point in our house. I also think week 10 was such a good week for various reasons, that this week was a small crash after a nice high. It wasn’t until Friday that things started to pick up a bit and we kicked ourselves into gear and started to have a little bit of fun.

Noticeable highlights to the week were updating my home recording studio ready for my next musical project, more family geocaching fun, lockdown haircuts and completing a new seating area in the garden.

I wish I could write and a few more pictures to post, but truth is, there’s not a lot to report as we just didn’t do a huge amount. Here’s hoping things pick up a little for week 12

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