So I’m guessing from the recent rule changes by the PM and his team, Lockdown is on its way out…kind of?  Actually, I’m confused and not 100% sure what the current state of play is. I know social distancing is still in place, but with shops set to open over the coming weeks and people now able to meet friends and family in small numbers, it seems the lockdown we have come to know is now over. The roads are really filling up again, lots of people are starting back to work and the supermarkets are full of people that don’t understand personal space and the 2m rule.

Our family’s circumstances won’t really change in the short term and behind closed doors, we feel like we are still on the same lockdown we’ve been on since this started. Our kids won’t be going back to school until September, we are still shielding them from busy public places, we have lots of family members that are high risk, Emily is still working from home and It doesn’t look like I will be photographing any weddings in the coming months. For those reasons, I will continue to blog our lockdown life so we have a record of this strange and unique time to look back on, but I’m not sure I will post every week moving forward. Let’s see how it goes.

So, week 10 was pretty monumental for me as I released some new music. It’s the first official release I’ve made in 9 years. After building this wedding photography business up, starting and raising a family and the chaos of life in general, I put music on the back burner for a long time. Lockdown life has given me some time to fill and I used that to recorded 8 songs and released them with my musical partner this last Sunday. We also each played a Facebook live set each and that was really fun to do again. If you’re curious to know what kind of music a wedding photographer makes, pop here and take a listen.

We discovered Geocaching this week too. I know it’s been around for at least a decade, but it’s new for us and we tried it out and loved it. We’ve gone on a few walks around the quiet villages that surround us and hunted down the little boxes and logged our finds. To be honest, it’s a great excuse to get out of the house and do some light exercise whilst the weather is so glorious.

Homeschool has completely gone out the window, however, technically this week was half term so that’s our excuse and we are sticking by it 🙂
On a sad note, we found out Ethan suffers from Hay Fever this week. He seriously looked like he had gone ten rounds with Tyson after a stroll in some recently cut grass 🙁

So, I may see you next week, but for now…Keep safe people.

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