I feel like this week is the perfect time to stop these weekly blogs about our lockdown life. It’s been fun capturing our self-isolation, but with the recent changes and easing of the lockdown rules, it now feels like the right time to finish this series. I’ve spoken in the last few blogs that our household still feels like we are going to be on some sort of lockdown for the foreseeable future and whilst this is still 100% correct, there’s no denying a change has happened and we don’t feel quite as restricted as we have done. Just this week we had an afternoon at the recently reopened Tropical Birdland, we had our first McDonald’s from the recently reopened drive-through and we took the boys to their grandparents for the first time in 13 weeks (still kept our 2m distance). That’s three things that we couldn’t and wouldn’t have done just last week. When you couple these with the alert level dropping, non-essential shops now open and death rates moving down, I think it’s right to say that times have shifted a little. We will continue to ahere to the 2m rule, we will work from home, we will wear PPE where appropriate, we will homeschool until September and we will still spend most of our time at home avoiding large groups of people, but I think we are now transitioned into some form of lockdown recovery phase….something like that anyway 🙂

I will still have my camera with me and continue to take pictures of our escapades and I may even blog an update to our situation soon. But for now, the Self-Isolation blogs have come to an end. Here’s our last week and you can see the full 13 blogs here.

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  1. A fantastic end to a fantastic series of blog posts mate x

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