It’s 12 weeks into this lockdown now and a change of scenery would be very much welcomed. What I wouldn’t give for a week at the beach or even an afternoon in a beer garden. I know some rules of the lockdown have eased, but with some of our family members being high risk and needing to shield, we haven’t really changed our circumstances other than a few longer walks here and there.  We’re still homeschooling (ish), we’re working from home & all of us are still wasting too many hours on mobile games and Youtube. It’s so strange having no weddings during this time of year also. Usually, I would be knee-deep in edits and shooting every weekend and I miss it and really looking forward to a time when I’m back at it.

So this week we did a little more Geocaching before the weather really got bad. We made parachutes for raw eggs before throwing them out of a window to see if they break. We did some face painting, made a cheesecake from scratch, booked a holiday for next summer & did a few other things to pass the hours. I’m pretty sure we have done everything we can do under this roof now and any new ideas to keep the kids occupied and our brains working are starting to run out.

As we move into week 13, non-essential shops are opening and talks of reducing the 2m rule are happening. Social bubbles are now a thing and the government are starting to introduce more and more steps towards a return to normality. Yesterday (Saturday), the corona death toll was 35 which is the lowest it’s been since before the lockdown was announced. It seems strange that we are still not taking our kids out to shops or public places, but in our minds, it’s the right thing to do for us. With all my immediate weddings now postponed until at least later in the year and with Emily working from home until the start of the next academic year, I can see us enforcing a variation on lockdown for some time to come.

Anyway, here’s to week 13, please let the ideas start flowing again.

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