This week has had its ups and downs to be honest. We are now 7 weeks in to lockdown and things are starting to get repetitive and we are running out of new stuff to do. There’s only so many footballs I can blast past my eldest son whilst shouting ‘AV IT’ and celebrating by lifting my T-shirt up over my head and flashing the neighbours my moobs. Dragging my youngest kicking and screaming from the TV is now getting very old too. I can’t talk to be fair,  I’ve wasted far too many hours this week going down YouTube rabbit holes and I’ve well and truly perfected the bum-indent on my sofa.

A couple of highlights have been writing new music and finding my feet with my recording software again. Playing on the PS4 hasn’t lost its charm yet and meeting some new wedding couples via video chat has been great.

VE Day happened and like many people we decided to put a few flags out and we also made our own bunting. We printed out some templates and spent the day in the garden colouring them in and then stuck them outside for all to see. We had a lovely day in the sun and broke the BBQ out again for picnic style dinner on the grass.

We ended the bank holiday weekend by watching some Avengers films. Ethan LOVES his super heroes and was so excited to snuggle up on the bed with popcorn. By the time Infinity Wars finished he was in floods of tears and I feared we have scarred him for life. I needn’t have worried though, as when the Endgame credits rolled and I had tears in my eyes, he was laughing at me 🙁

Following the much anticipated Prime Ministers update last night, it seems that I wont be photographing weddings anytime soon…Guess I will go and kick some more footballs 🙁

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