This is usually the point in the year where I’m going through 50,000 images (no joke) and trying to whittle them down to approx 150 wedding pictures to show you my best of the year. Enter Covid19 in March and everything changed this year. There’s not a single person that hasn’t been affected by C19 in some way or another, so I’m not gonna lay out a sob story, we all have one and it really has been a tough year. What I will say is that out of the 36 weddings I was looking forward to photographing this year, I’ve only managed to photograph 6 of them. I’ve had brides on the phone in tears as they debated whether to postpone their date, I’ve had some couples move their wedding 4 times and still, they are not married. It’s been one crazy ride and I hope that the coming of a vaccine will allow weddings to come back exactly how my couples want them.

The 6 weddings I have photographed have all been beautiful in their own way. Each one was once a large-scale event that has had to be changed to a small intimate gathering. Some of them had 30 guests with some kind of reception allowed and some were just 15 guests with no reception. What struck me about these weddings was that they didn’t feel any less special. Every bride & groom had the time of their lives. Small weddings work and 2020 has proven that. Just because it’s been a limited year, doesn’t mean the weddings I’ve photographed have been any less perfect.

This year I was once again blessed to win some awards. I’ve been voted highly commended at The Wedding Industry Awards again and for the second year running, I ended the year inside Your Perfect Wedding Photographers top 100 wedding photographers. I was also lucky to have images featured on some top wedding blogs. Not a bad year for that kind of thing 🙂

Finally, to all my couples and in fact, any couple that have decided to have their wedding day during this pandemic, I salute you and give you the biggest socially distant elbow bump imaginable. For all my couples that have postponed, we got this in 2021 & beyond…Epic will return.



  1. Beautiful shots dude as always! That’s an impressive collection of stunners from just 6 weddings!

  2. Brilliant work as always Jonathan. Your photos always have so much magic and energy to them. All the best for 2021 mate!

  3. Super images, 2020 looked totally awesome through your images. Thanks for sharing all the good bits.

  4. Albert Palmer says:

    Dude – these are incredible! SO many amazing moments – I am blown away.

  5. Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer says:

    Breathtaking photos filled with memories.

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