2018 has been another memorable year at J S Coates HQ. I’ve shot the most intimate weddings I’ve ever been to, with just a handful of guests and also captured some of the biggest of my career so far. I’ve photographed weddings 10 minutes from my home and I’ve also shot one over 5000 miles from my door in Las Vegas. Within the UK I’ve been north, south, east and west. I’ve slept in hotels that I could live in for the rest of my life and also some that were straight from a horror film (should have read the reviews before booking).  I’ve drunk more cups of services coffee & late-night McDonalds than I would like to work out. As well as photographing in some of the most beautiful churches and wedding venues around, I’ve also had loads of beautiful outdoor ceremonies in gardens, woods and even deserts this year…both in the sun and the rain. Each year I’ve been doing this crazy job makes me super thankful for what I do and I feel I’m constantly learning & trying to up my game. It’s the best job ever…FACT

Now for some love sharing… My 2018 couples get the biggest thanks of them all. I seriously shoot the most amazing couple and every wedding this year has been a joy to shoot. Thanks for putting your faith in me to capture your day. 

I’ve had some fantastic photographers work for me or generally help me this year and a massive thank you goes out Tarik Ahmet, Amy-Rose Deffley, Chris Bunce, Roo Stain and Jodene Elizabeth. I’ve also worked with some great wedding suppliers and venue staff too. They know who they are so I’m not gonna list them all.

Outside of the wedding world my kids are growing too fast, getting cheekier and needing entertaining more than ever. Thank god for my wife being awesome and putting up with us all….She wins the award for the most patient and most awesome wife EVER (I say that she’s the only wife I’ve had and I have no frame of reference to judge her by…She could be really bad at it and I wouldn’t know 🙂 )

Like every year, this selection of images is made up of my favourite individual images taken over the last 12 months. Culling over 50,000 images down to less than 200 is a near-impossible task and I could have included hundreds more. I want all my 2018 couples to know their weddings all hold a special place with me. My 2019 is pretty much already booked up with just a couple of dates left and I can’t wait to create some epic images with these couples….Bring it on.


  1. Stunning frames mate!! Love this 2018 round up! Full of life and joy. Amazing!! So looking forward to having you at our wedding 🙂

  2. Epic blog post Jonathan! Everyone looks so happy in front of your camera, and I love the animations!

  3. Wow! So lovely to see a summary of your years worth of work. You’ve gone from strength to strength. Absolutely stunning images! Wishing you a Happy New Year and continued success 🙂

  4. such an awesome set of story telling images. Love the energry on the dance floor to the quiet time with the girl with the toddler between her legs having a moment.

  5. Mick Shah says:

    Wow what an epic year!!! Such great frames love the firework photo especially: here’s to an even better 2019!!!

  6. Wowsers!!! Every. Single. One! Just WOW!!! What an EPIC set Jonathan 🙂

  7. My word man, what a year! Your best yet duder, the GIFS are amazing haha, here’s to another amazing year bro x

  8. Tom Beynon says:

    Great set, the roof top pool looks epic.

  9. Dude – What a year! What a great collection of images (and gifs!). Loved looking through each frame. You must be very proud. Here’s to an even better 2019!!

  10. Damn Jonathan you’ve had an incredible year! Las Vegas hot tub – awesome!! So many amazing moments captured really creatively here. Congrats!!

  11. Peter Henderson says:

    What a set! Nicely done Jonathan…brilliant.

  12. Fantastic set! Colourful, lively and creative. Especially like the bridal party with shotguns and the little girl with the crazy hair on the dancefloor 🙂 All the best for 2019!

  13. Wow! What a great set of images, Jonathan! So many frames that tell the story so well from so many perspectives up close – superb! I love the cinema graphs / gifs too! So many adventures for you – hope 2019 brings more of the same! Have a great one!

  14. Nik Bryant says:

    Absolutely bloody fantastic. Such a great set of images.

  15. Well it is always fantastic working with you but was even better being photographed by you! Fantastic work fella! Here’s to an even better 2019!

  16. Boom! This is what it’s all about! Fantastic way to see out 2018 – here’s to 2019!

  17. Olivia Whittaker says:

    These are gorgeous, so many amazing moments captured.
    Love your colourful edits too

  18. Damn fine set – some real killer stuff in there! The bridesmaid with the veil stuck on her face is my fave moment and that stained glass portrait is a beauty!

  19. Pure class again JC. Another epic year from your good self. Killer, killer, killer!!!

  20. hacker wedding Photography says:

    Some great images in here!

  21. That second photo on the rooftop is everything!! Mega!

  22. Such a fantastic set mate. ALL the fun. ALL the love. ALL the laughter! Smashed it.

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