If there is one area of a wedding day that I am totally not qualified to give advice on, it is bridal makeup. Despite having a love for 80’s pop, Ive never had the urge to don the eyeliner or blusher.  Hayley Thompson on the other hand is super qualified. She is a professional Makeup artist who I have worked alongside at a few weddings now and can honestly say her work is faultless. She is a true pro and always puts the brides at ease whilst transforming them from sleepy heads to full on bridal squads. So here are 5 Questions Answered by Professional Wedding Makeup Artist Hayley Thompson to help you on your way.

How do I communicate the bridal look I want to the makeup artist?
It’s always helpful to bring along closeup photos of makeup looks you like. It doesn’t have to be one photo, bring along a few photos, as your ideas may be a combination of all four looks! Creating a Pinterest ‘Makeup inspiration’ board and adding to it when you see a look that you like will also help you understand your overall theme and tones you tend to gravitate towards. Wearing your everyday makeup to your trial will also help give the artist an idea of how you normally wear your makeup. Your final bridal look should be a collaboration between yourself and the makeup artist.

Which should I do first hair or makeup?
Ideally hair should go before makeup however if you are having your hair set in rollers, then use that downtime to start the makeup while hair is set and off the face.

What should I have in my touch up bag?
You will need your lip product for reapplication, setting powder to reduce shine and don’t forget the tissues to blot away any tears!

Why is it essential to do makeup trial before the big day?
Having a makeup trial before your big day is important to ensure you are happy and comfortable with your makeup on your wedding day. It also gives you chance to meet with your chosen makeup artist to discuss requirements and timings on the day.

What advice would you give to brides that wear minimal makeup everyday and want to feel confident on their wedding day but still feel like ‘themselves’?
Don’t feel like you have to create a completely different look for your wedding day after all your partner fell in love with you because of your own natural beauty! Your makeup artist should create a look that both brings out your best features and makes you feel like yourself but at your utmost best!



If you are looking for a professional and amazing wedding makeup artist then please do take a look at Hayley’s website – http://www.hayleythompsonartist.com
This lady knows her stuff and I know you wont be disappointed.

Wedding Makeup - 6 Big Questions Answered

All images taken by J S Coates Wedding Photography of brides/bridal party that Hayley has done the makeup for.




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