Jonathan & Kurt’s big day at Cowley Manor was my first wedding of 2018.  It was a corker of a day that blended traditional wedding elements with an epic party and sense of fun. I loved every second of their day and wished I could do it all over again.  I wanted to ask them for some advice about planning a wedding and also whether planning a same sex wedding had any challenges.  Take a look at their full Cowley Manor Wedding here. In the meantime, let’s hear their planning advice…

What did you find the most fun about planning your wedding day?
The most fun part was choosing all the outfits for our groomsmaids , groomsmen and of course ourselves. We had 10 groomsmaids and 4 groomsmen so it was a challenge, but really enjoyable nonetheless and it was great seeing everyone look so good on the day. We were so pleased with our suits too and although they we’re also a little challenging to source they looked so smart and were the best choice for what we wanted.

What was the hardest/most stressful part of planning your wedding day?
The hardest part was making the decision to not have children on the day. We were limited to numbers at the venue and to let everyone bring their children would of been impossible. We had our nephew and cousin there but that was it , and even our nephew left just after the ceremony. The stressful part was that a few people were unsure whether they would come as a result of that, and one actually didn’t.. it’s a difficult one as some people can take it personally and it wasn’t about that at all. If we could of had unlimited numbers it wouldn’t of been an issue.

Were there any hidden things or expenses you just didn’t consider before planning your day?
We were quite lucky in that there wasn’t any surprise expenses really. Every supplier we sourced was very upfront about the cost from the offset so we were able to make the right decisions from the start. We did spend a little more than planned on certain things but we didn’t begrudge it at all , I’m a firm believer that if you want something you should have it , you shouldn’t settle for anything less on your wedding day.

Can you share one bit of Advice about planning or how to approach planning your day?
There is so much to plan and do it can be a little overwhelming . Do things in stages and prioritise the most important tasks first. Have milestones of what you need to be done and by when , don’t try to do everything at once. People will also try to give you their take on how things should be done and what to have, don’t feel like you have to go with tradition – do what you want , it’s your day !

Can you share one bit of advice for the actually wedding day?
If things don’t go to plan don’t worry about it. We were lucky that everyone we hired helped make sure everything went smoothly but if it doesn’t it’s probably only going to be you who notices, so don’t let it bother you. The day goes by so so quickly , make sure you savour the happy moments and most of all enjoy every second of it.

Being a same sex wedding, were there any issues you came up against during planning and do you have any specific advice for same sex couples planning their day?
We didn’t have any issues at all really which was good , not that we expected any. the only thing we did notice is the lack of diversity in the wedding industry. Everything that’s marketed to you is ‘bride and groom’, even down to some of the forms we had to fill out. It would of been nice to see more companies using same sex couples in their marketing and tailoring their offering to suit our needs.

Bonus question – As I’m a photographer, what advice can you give about choosing you’re wedding photographer?
Make sure you choose someone you are comfortable with, they are with you all day and if you are a little camera shy it’s important that that person makes you fee at ease. We liked jonathan from the moment we met him and couldn’t of wished for a better photographer to share our day with us. Also make sure you check out their portfolio , we wanted a certain style of photography , natural and not staged, and out of everyone we met jonathan seemed to have the best eye for capturing those special natural moments.




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