As a wedding photographer, I often get asked by my couples ‘Do I Need A Wedding Video’ and moreover, whether I think it is worth having one along side the photography. It’s a question I can’t really answer for them because it really depends on what you want preserving from your day. What I can say for sure is that they are different products and it shouldn’t really be a question of which one you should choose, but rather which is the right choice for your wedding…Photography, video or both.

I can write a long essay on why good wedding photography is important to your day but I’m not a videographer and wouldn’t be in a position to fight that side of things. So… I asked the boys at Blueridge Wedding Videography a few questions that may help you decide the answer to that big question ‘Do I Need A Wedding Video?’. Ive worked with these guys before and It was a real pleasure. Not once did we get in each other way and their finished work is superb. For that reason, I felt they would be perfect to answer the following. But before they do, take a look at their showreel


‘Do I Need A Wedding Video?’
The short answer – absolutely!!! The more long winded and practical one – ‘need’ is quite a strong word but a Wedding film offers something totally different which even the best photos simply cannot recreate (find out why below). So if that applies to you, then we guess you really do need one!

Why Do I need A Videographer?
First and foremost at the core of it, having a videographer capture your day provides a moving documentation of the events that took place. Many of our couples tell us they look at it as an investment in their future, providing long lasting memories so they won’t forget a thing in years to come. It is a film which will be shared with their children and their children’s children. Along with great photos, a video is the perfect way to preserve and relive those memories which a large amount of time and expense went into creating.

If I have a photographer booked, do I still need a Videographer?
Certainly! But it really comes down to what you are looking for. Having a Videographer is a great way to get even more coverage of your wedding day and is the perfect complement to a photographer. It may sound like a cliche but it is true that your Wedding day will absolutely fly by. A video offers you the chance to watch unseen moments of your guests having a brilliant time catching up before the ceremony, throwing serious shapes on the dancefloor or (hopefully) wiping tears of laughter away during the Best Mans speech.


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What kind of footage will you be getting?
This varies from Videographer to Videographer although most predominantly offer of some form of short highlight film of the day and a film of your Ceremony / Speeches separately.
We are a little different and offer a Wedding highlights trailer set to music, often with select audio from the speeches and ceremony playing over it (aprox 3-5mins long) as well as a Feature Film of your Wedding featuring the Ceremony, Speeches and montages of everything in between.

How will having a videographer impact my wedding day?
Hopefully the only impact it will have will be a positive one! Obviously there will be 2 extra people floating around with cameras but we aim to be subtle and as un-intrusive as possible. The more we can blend into the background, the more natural our shots are and the better your film will be.
We are always happy to be ignored at the Weddings we film and the best compliment we get from our couples is that they feel like they haven’t seen us all day

How long does it take to see the finished film?
We aim to deliver everything within 12 – 16 weeks. We also offer 1 minute teaser trailer which be delivered 14 days after your Wedding day.


I can’t recommend checking out the work of Blueridge Wedding Videography enough. They are true professionals and great guys to boot. Here’s one of their wedding highlight video to see but do check out their website here too.


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