Photographing Charlottes wedding day was a true joy. Along with her groom, Graeme, they seemed to have the exact day they wanted and laughed & smiled throughout the whole wedding. It seemed relaxed & as far as I could see, it went off without a hitch. That kind of thing doesn’t happen without good planning so here’s some wedding planning tips & advice from Charlotte that could help you with your day

(To see more from Charlotte & Graeme’s wedding day, Take a look at their wedding blog )

What did you find the most fun about planning your wedding day?

I really enjoyed the whole planning process, partly because we organised it all in about 10 months which meant we always had something to keep us occupied each month. We are both quite crafty people, so the most fun was making various props and decorations for the wedding and being able to add a more personal touch to the wedding. As we decorated the venue ourselves, it was lovely to see all our hard work come together. I also particularly enjoyed the day we sampled the food and drinks menus at our venues…12 bottles of wine to try….

What was the hardest/most stressful part of planning your wedding day?
One our biggest issues was the guest list and who makes the cut. In some cases, we had to be ruthless, particularly with extended family and old friends, but it was important to be surrounded by the people we love and who were fully behind us (and less so the great aunts that still think you’re at school…). It is easy to be stressed throughout the planning process, costs can escalate, there will be disagreements and indecision and even the smallest things can become frustrating (stick to an easy to find colour, turns out there are hundreds of shades of Coral!) but ultimately on the actual day, they do not really matter.

Were there any hidden things or expenses you just didn’t consider before planning your day?

Put the ‘W’ word in front of most products and services and the costs will soon multiply, so you need to establish a budget and prioritise what is most important to you and where you could save costs. Is it really worth spending a fortune on invites that will end up thrown away but scrimping on a buffet for 100 hungry people? If you’re going to be a DIY bride and groom, ‘cheap homemade’ items can turn out to be costly if you are not careful; we spent around £70 on spray paint alone!

Can you share one bit of Advice about planning or how to approach planning your day?
Have a good ‘team’ around you, made up of trusted friends/family; you may need to make use of them on the run up to the day. Harping on a about budget again but it’s important to decide where best to spend your money, for us it was about the venue, the photographer and the dress, once these were sorted, we then looked at where we could save money and budgeted accordingly. As before, making most of the décor ourselves, on the whole was much cheaper than hiring but make sure you have plenty of storage space in your home…we had to borrow a van to transport everything!

Can you share one bit of advice for the actually wedding day?
Easier said than done but relax and enjoy it. It’s a cliché that everyone throws around but the day really does go so quickly, so you need to make sure you take some time out of the proceedings and be able to take it all in. Have 5-10 minutes away from the wedding party, just you and your other half, enjoy the moment and feel all the love that has been directed towards you!
Make use of the squad: delegate any ‘on the day’ tasks rather than you having to deal with it, use them for emotional support, make sure they always keep your glasses full.

Bonus question – As I’m a photographer, what advice can you give about choosing you’re wedding photographer?
I think it’s really important to be able to establish a rapport with your photographer, after all they are going to be with you capturing every moment, sometimes in intimate detail. Do plenty of research, this will help you to have an idea of the style of photographs you like; the services provided (this can vary greatly between photographers) and what’s available within your budget. Chat with potential photographers (phone, skype, face to face), it’s the best way to determine if you and the photographer will ‘gel’. You need to be able to have trust in your photographer, feel confident enough to let them do their thing but also be comfortable in their company to be able to request certain shots/make some diva-ish demands.





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