To be Jules & Dan’s Warwick House Wedding Photographer was an amazing experience. It was one hell of a day and being my first wedding of the 2017 season, I can only imagine this year is going to be EPIC.

The day nearly got off on the wrong foot when I turned up to Warwick House and was directed to the bridal suite. Just before entering the room, the staff informed me that Jules wasn’t in that room but rather a bride & groom from the day before! Luckily I didn’t burst in on their first morning of being man and wife… Who knows what I would have seen 🙂
Once I found Jules & Co I was in the zone and what a beautifully relaxed morning we had. The girls effortlessly transformed from PJ’s to wedding outfits all whilst we were serenaded by a classic 90’s pop playlist. We discussed how the Backstreet Boys are the greatest boyband of our generation (FACT) and I was mocked by all the girls & even by the make-up technician (The awesome Helen Brady – & Hair stylist (The very cool James at Boo hair and beauty) for admitting to seeing Celine Dion Live. In my defence, I was 14 and it was a free ticket so don’t judge me 🙂

Meanwhile, my second shooter, Chris Bunce, was hanging with the boys capturing Dan’s morning. Jules & Dan have a beautiful little boy who was obviously excited for the celebrations ahead and seeing him ‘dapper up’ like his dad was truely heartwarming.  A quick visit to the pub was obviously in order for the lads and then they made their way over to Warwick House.

The ceremony was in the larger of Warwick House’s main rooms and the light streamed in magnificently which really showed off what a beautiful venue Warwick House is. Flower petals lined the floors and the room was packed full of friends and family. Jules’s mum had the honour of giving her away to a very proud looking Dan and they exchanged vows and kisses to a room full of smiles.

From that moment, the day started to get that party feel and the evening really kicked off with some amazing shapes thrown on the dance floor. Inbetween the the cool dance moves we were treated to some human pyramids with Dan & Jules both taking top spots, Cigars, photo sessions in the toilets (don’t ask) & amazing food.

It truly was a fantastic day and I can’t thank Jules & Dan enough for picking me to take their Warwick House Wedding photographs. You guys are the best & I wish you a super happy life as Man & Wife.

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If you are looking for a Warwick House Wedding Photographer or need wedding photography in a relaxed & beautiful style, drop me a message and let’s chat.


  1. Great stuff – so much colour, energy and humour. LOVE that ladies loo shot!

  2. Nice set dude, I’m loving the confetti shot on the stairs..

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