We’ve all read stories of ‘Bridzillas’. Crazy unhinged ladies on the edge, high maintenance brides demanding blood sweat and tears from their wedding party and generally making everyone around them scared for their lives. Meet Jaime, she was everything I’ve mentioned and worse on her wedding morning. In fact, it started the night before in a hotel bar and lasted throughout the wedding day… Okay, I’m not telling the whole truth here. Everything I’ve said is true, but it was all an act for some amazing Instagram stories that I’ve included at the bottom of this blog. Jamie was actually one of the nicest, easygoing and funny brides I’ve had the pleasure of shooting, as was James her husband-to-be, and getting to be their Shustoke Barns Wedding Photographer back in December of last year was amazing.

We started the day at The Belfry Hotel, which was decked out in Christmas goodness and looked superb. All morning was spent laughing our heads off (a recurring theme to be honest), coming up with more ways Jaime could torture her bestie and obviously getting ready for the day ahead. Bridal Makeup was done by the awesome Rebecca Frances Professional and hair was styled by the equally fantastic Kate Benton of ‘Hair By Kate.

I arrived at Shustoke Barns to meet with James and he didn’t show any signs of nerves whilst he eagerly awaited Jamie’s arrival. Once she arrived and met her man at the end of the aisle, the ceremony began. Pretty much from the start until the end, James & Jaime beamed with smiles and laughed their heads off, all whilst exchanging vows. It was both touching and hilarious to watch 🙂

Being in the UK, and the fact it was December, the weather decided to turn against us during the afternoon drinks reception, but this just meant the guests had to get extra cozy in Shustoke’s upstairs barn. The rain soon stopped and we used this dry gap to get some couples portraits and family formals done.

Before we knew it, the evening reception had started and the dance floor erupted to the fantastic live band and the rest of the evening continued as the day had done…laughing, smiling and knocking back a drink or 6.

I think it’s clear from my words just how much I loved being James & Jaime’s Shustoke Barns Wedding photographer. Every moment I spent with these two was a joy and this is a wedding I won’t forget in a hurry. Thank you so much guys.

I also need to mention that working alongside me on the day was the lads from Blue Ridge Wedding Videography. These chaps are absolute professions and we worked together so well, whilst making sure we both ‘got the shot’, and helped each other where we could. If you are looking at getting a video of your big day, you really should check these guys out. They recently did a Q&A for me too, helping you decide the age-old question, Do I need a videographer at my wedding?



If you are looking for a photographer to capture your wedding at Shustoke Farm Barns, drop me a message and let’s chat. I cover the whole of the UK (and beyond) and love to document days in a natural and storytelling way with some epic portraits thrown in too 🙂
If you want to see more of my images from Shustoke, check out the blogs below or see my Shustoke Barns Wedding page

Finally, as promised, here is a highlight reel of Jamie torturing her best friend in Brideszilla mode…What a legend.








  1. Wonderful work Jonathan. Some truly brilliant moments captured and really creative portraits.

  2. One of my favourite venues Jonathan!! The ceremony light is always so good there!!! Enjoyed seeing your take on it – great work!

  3. Wow!! What an amazing wedding!! It looks really fun and you captured the day beautifully! Good job!

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