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Mythe Barn Wedding – Stacey & Tom

Atherstone’s Mythe Barn is probably the closest wedding venue to my house and it’s pretty cool to have such a beautiful place right on the doorstep. I’ve shot at this beautiful barn in the heart of Warwickshire a good many. times now and every wedding ends in a massive party with a killer dance floor, so last October I was back there to be Stacey & Tom’s Mythe Barn Wedding Photographer and was hoping to have a similar experience…It did not disappoint.

From start to finish Stacey & Tom had the biggest smiles on their faces. Even the slightly damp weather and MENTAL winds couldn’t ruin anyone’s day. During our portrait run we embraced the winds and some of those pictures are my absolute favourites. When it rained at night this awesome couple raced outside to get some cool pics in it.

Being Stacey & Tom’s Mythe Barn Wedding Photographer was a true pleasure so here’s a massive thank you to them. Honourable mentions for the day go to Chris Bunce for being an awesome second shooter as usual, The Jam Hot band for keeping the dance floor moving and to Chloe McCall for her amazing Makeup skills and Natalie Bishop for her super hair talents.

Mythe Barn Wedding Photography

Mythe Barn Wedding Photographer Mythe Barn Wedding

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  1. Stacey & Tom looked to happy throughout the day, those images are stunning, you worked hard! it paid off.

  2. Really great wedding photography – you’ve really captured the energy and happiness of everyone AWESOME! x

  3. Love these, so much laughter captured! The dance floor shots are amazing too. Top Work.

  4. Albert Palmer says:

    So many great moment and big smiles!

  5. Really good set of images Jonathan, good sequences and balance of type of image, enjoyed looking through them. Bride was beaming all day long too, which always helps.

  6. Loving your work as always Jonathan! Looks like such a fun day full of great moments… and there are some lovely portraits in there too!

  7. Love these!! The stop-motion sequence is brilliant and the hockey stick guard of honour is fab!!

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