Natalie & Katie were a dream couple to photography. They were fun, easy going and trusted me to do my thing. Their wedding was a reflection of their personalities and I loved photographing their big day. I asked them if they wouldn’t mind sharing a little about the planning of their wedding and maybe share a few tips for future brides about to go through the process. So here is Natalie & Katie’s Wedding Planning Advice – 5 Questions Answered by the Brides

What did you find the most fun about planning your wedding day?
We did alot of stuff ourselves, for example the cake, flowers suits, decorations etc. We found putting the ushers suits together from scratch was one of the best things about planning our day. We could really play around with different ideas and of course go shopping with no excuses! It was fun to go out and find different elements of the suits and put them all together. We also found that finding the perfect venue was alot of fun! Matching the venue to our style and imagining how your big day will look at that particular place is an amazing feeling.

What was the hardest/most stressful part of planning your wedding day?
Again as we did alot ourselves it was consistently stressful although worth it on the day! We had to make a two tier semi frosted cake ourselves, we had never made a cake before and doing it two days before your wedding day is definitely stressful. We also took on the task of making all the flowers ourselves (11 button holes, 3 bridesmaid bouquets, bridal bouquet, centre piece and flowers for the stairs. We did this the night before and on the wedding day at 4am, although when we look back on it we wouldn’t of done it any other way at the time it became very hectic!

Were there any hidden things or expenses you just didn’t consider before planning your day?
We didn’t expect the registrar fee to be so high. We paid a fee with our local registrar and also with the registrar at the location of marriage. Also extras such as bridesmaids jewellery, flower girls accessories, ushers accessories.

Can you share one bit of Advice about planning or how to approach planning your day?
I would advise to compile a list of each and every thing you can think of that is going into your wedding day with prices. This way you won’t get surprised at a final price at the end! Don’t be afraid to do things yourselves! We saved hundreds by taking on some of the main things. We are no experts however we managed to pull off a wedding cake and flowers for less than half the price and alot more value for money! It was an amazing experience doing these things together to and really pulled all the planning together.

Can you share one bit of advice for the actually wedding day?
People told us to relax and enjoy ourselves. This is exactly what we did and was the best advice we got! Although it can be overwhelming and intense try and embrace every single second so you can look back and remember what a great time you had!

BONUS QUESTION – As i’m a wedding photographer and have a professional interest in this part of the day, what advice can you give about choosing the right wedding photographer?
Lots of research, have a look at the photographers website and see how up to date it is, e.g when was the last time they did a wedding. Choose a photographer you connect with and know you’r not going to feel awkward with when doing shots! Choosing a photographer for us went on not only the work but also the personality and we really did hit the jackpot with Jonathan!


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