Claire “Gold Pineapples & Dinosaurs is our theme”
Me “Sorry…..Say that again”
Claire “Gold Pineapples & Dinosaurs”
Me “Yep, that makes sense”

It turns out that the moment I met Claire it made complete sense. This was one kickass bride and possibly the only bride I have had the pleasure to photograph that could pull off gold pineapples & Dinosaurs like it was an actual thing. Marrying this eccentric lady was the much calmer but equally as cool Calvin. Together they made a wonderful couple and being their High House Wedding Photographer really was an experience I will never forget.

On top of the fruity/Jurassic mash up, we also had 3444 paper Cranes which I’ve been told by Claire signifies ‘Forever’. These amazing origami masterpieces brought so much colour to the marquee and complemented the colourful desert cart which featured the legendary Colin the Caterpillar cake & an amazing unicorn cake…yes, UNICORN 🙂
There were also more bags of crisps dotted around the place than an Asda & Tesco warehouse combined (turns out that Claire is addicted to crisps).

Starting the morning in the beautiful rooms of the High House in Felongly, I walked in to meet Claire & Team bride and was greeted with what can only be described as knowing smiles and laughter. It turns out I had been mistaken as one of the catering crew by the chief bridesmaid. I would have thought the two cameras dangling by my side would have given her a clue as to my intended job but hey, I can smash out a mean chilli if required. In truth, the laughter never stopped all morning and it was such a fun and relaxed environment.

I swapped my photographer hat out for a chauffeurs hat and drove Claire and the bridal squad over to Nuneaton registry office where her and Calvin smiled and laughed their way through the ceremony and become Mr & Mrs Harris before a small gathering of their nearest and dearest.

Everyone headed back to the High House and greeted more guests before cracking open the bubbly and kicking back. Unfortunately the rain decided it wanted to come out and play but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the afternoon at all. Glorious food and speeches followed before the dance floor exploded in to an evening of crazyness.

Calvin & Claire embraced the rain late on and we also managed to capture an epic evening shot of them in the beautiful gardens of the High House. 10 bride and groom points right there 🙂

A massive thank you to Calvin & Claire for picking me to be their High house wedding Photographer and for being uniquely them. Also a big thanks to Chloe Parasmo Makeup & Laura Michelle Bridal both were amazing to work with in the morning and I hope to work with you again soon.

The High House Wedding Photographer The High House Wedding Photography Back lit rain wedding photography

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  1. Awesome dance floor action, and just like Simon says, that brolly shot is a peach!

  2. Excellent set and the last photo is a total winner!

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