Meet Sam & Joe. They got married (whoop whoop), I photographed it (Hell Yeah) & everyone had the best of time. It was my first time being a Wood Norton Wedding Photographer and here’s a little of what saw and what went down.

My whole day was spent at the Wood Norton Wedding Venue and started with Sam and her bridesmaids getting ready. Sam, being a hair stylist herself, decided that there wasn’t enough to do on her wedding morning, so she took on the crazy task of styling everyone before getting ready herself. You would have thought that would make for a crazy hectic morning, but It was as chilled as chilled could be. Everyone had a smile on their faces and if she was nervous, Sam didn’t show it once.

Over with Joe & his boys was my awesome second shooter for the day, Amy-Rose. She was treated to a morning of gym sessions, pool playing & video games before the guys suited up and made their over to the ceremony room.

Once the dress was on, Sam joined Joe at the end of the aisle and together they said their ‘I Will’s’, exchanged rings and sealed the whole thing with a kiss in front of their besties and family. Drinks and photos followed before everyone headed over to the orangery for speeches and dinner.

Just after the wedding breakfast, a couple of policemen entered the room looking for a particular guest. The room went silent and a few worried faces feared the worst but alas, the policemen burst in to song and the whole room erupted and danced like crazy. I was in on the joke but was so impressed with these guys. They entertained everyone and i’m pretty sure most of the guests were fooled by the setup. Once the sun set the evening party was in full swing. Sam & her cousin even treated everyone to a choreographed Rock N Roll dance routine before the lights went down and the dance floor filled up. The tunes were banging & the hardcore dancers reached for the sky….Boom.

I’m hoping this isn’t the last time I get to be a Wood Norton Wedding Photographer, the venue was perfect and the staff were superb. It was a real pleasure to photograph at there so a massive thank you goes to them. It was also great to shoot along Ben from Chapter & Verse Wedding Videography. He’s a gentleman and produces beautiful films, check him out for sure. Obviously Amy gets a massive shout out for being my second shooter too. But the real stars of the day were Sam & Joe. Thank you so much for picking me to photograph your wedding. I had a great time and I wish you both a fantastic life together.

If you are planning your wedding at Worcestershire’s Wood Norton Wedding venue, or anywhere else in the UK, drop me a message and let’s chat photography.





  1. A day packed with emotion, a photographers dream! I just love the reaction shot of the bridesmaids and granddad face under the umbrella.

  2. Love love love this! The gif thingy is so cool, the whole thing is bang on and if I ever got married I would book you!

  3. Andrew Younger says:

    Oh Sam & Joe did 3 things so right. They picked a fabulous wedding venue, had so much fun during their wedding and choose a fantastic wedding photographer whom in return told a wonderful wedding story.

  4. What a fabulous wedding and your photos have captured it perfectly. I love the gif animations.

  5. Typical of your style mate, finding little spots of light and great moments of interaction. Lovely work.

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