From setting a wedding date, some people like to have at least a year to get their plans sorted before walking down the aisle, not Jodene & Pat….they did it all in a month and you know what, they absolutely smashed it!
With a ceremony at the beautiful St Laurence’s Church, Ansley and a reception/Epic party at their local watering hole, This wedding became one of my faves of the year.

I first met Jodene when I shot her sisters wedding last December (a beautiful wedding that featured the real Santa Claus!). We have become friends since due to the fact that Jodene is herself a wedding photographer, and a great one at that. I couldn’t have been happier when I got the call that she wanted me to capture her day.

The morning was spent at a local salon and all the girls transformed from the ‘I’m so excited but this is way earlier, just got out of bed look’ to the ‘Bring it on and lets get married, amazing hair and makeup look’. It’s a classy look and these ladies owned it.

We met up with Pat for a beautiful ceremony at St Laurence’s Church before heading over to The Royal Oak in Hartshill, Nuneaton for a proper knees up. There was a beautifully decorated marque in the grounds of the pub that was crammed full with their nearest and dearest. The only small hitch was the cake….it decided to do its best impression of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which led to an early cutting for fear of loosing it to the floor. We were then treated to heartfelt speeches, an amazing buffet and then the dance floor erupted.

Pat threw shapes that I can only imagine are Irish dance moves (his homeland) as I’ve not seen moves like it before 🙂

Jodene gracefully knocked back Jagerbombs with her girls and the night ended with the bands amazing rendition of Hey Jude. The guests formed a circle around Jodene & Pat and you could hear the ‘Naaaaah, Nah, Nah Nanna nah naaaaahs’ from miles away.

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A truly amazing day with an amazing bride and groom to match. Thanks for having me guys and for letting me be your Nuneaton wedding  photographer.


  1. Karin Phillips says:

    Great pictures of high standard.

  2. Great wedding and so beautifully shot. Excellent dance floor photos – looks like it was so much fun.

  3. Some really great moments in there, Well done!

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