I knew Lucy and Adam were my kind of people when they braved the rain and gritty Birmingham streets for their engagement shoot. We hit it off on that day and their wedding day was no different. They were a joy to be around and made me feel like I was once of their entourage. Thanks guys, I loved every second of it.

Adams morning started low key with just his best man as they got themselves ready and practiced speeches. They then hit up a pub close to Church where loads of his family and friends all gathered to have one last drink with him before he got hitched. It was a morning of laughter and beaming smiles. Lucy’s morning was no less fun as she prepared herself for what was to come with her family surrounding her.

The church was intimate and beautiful and the service matched it. After some group shots and portraits outside of the church everyone headed over to Gorcott Hall for the Wedding reception. It is a stunning venue that looked even better bathed in the sunshine that poured all day.

In the evening dance floor was heaving all night and I’m not sure the bride and groom left it either. These guys loved to party and their family and friends made sure they had a day to remember. 10 out of 10 🙂

000Gorcott Hall

001Gorcott Hall

002Gorcott Hall

003Gorcott Hall

004Gorcott Hall

011Gorcott Hall

012Gorcott Hall

017Gorcott Hall

015Gorcott Hall

014Gorcott Hall

016Gorcott Hall

013Gorcott Hall

018Gorcott Hall

019Gorcott Hall

020Gorcott Hall

021Gorcott Hall

022Gorcott Hall

023Gorcott Hall

024Gorcott Hall

025Gorcott Hall

026Gorcott Hall

027Gorcott Hall

029Gorcott Hall

028Gorcott Hall

005Gorcott Hall

010Gorcott Hall

030Gorcott Hall

031Gorcott Hall

006Gorcott Hall

032Gorcott Hall

033Gorcott Hall

034Gorcott Hall

036Gorcott Hall

035Gorcott Hall

037Gorcott Hall

038Gorcott Hall

043Gorcott Hall

042Gorcott Hall

039Gorcott Hall

040Gorcott Hall

041Gorcott Hall

047Gorcott Hall

046Gorcott Hall

045Gorcott Hall

044Gorcott Hall

048Gorcott Hall

049Gorcott Hall

050Gorcott Hall

051Gorcott Hall

056Gorcott Hall

055Gorcott Hall

054Gorcott Hall

053Gorcott Hall

007Gorcott Hall

008Gorcott Hall

057Gorcott Hall

058Gorcott Hall

060Gorcott Hall

059Gorcott Hall

061Gorcott Hall

062Gorcott Hall

063Gorcott Hall

065Gorcott Hall

064Gorcott Hall

066Gorcott Hall

009Gorcott Hall

067Gorcott Hall

068Gorcott Hall

069Gorcott Hall

070Gorcott Hall


071Gorcott Hall

072Gorcott Hall

074Gorcott Hall

075Gorcott Hall

076Gorcott Hall

077Gorcott Hall

073Gorcott Hall

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