And so it was, on a beautiful summers day (we shall skip over the small little bits of rain), two legends became lemons…Mr & Mrs Lemon to be precise. The sleepy village of Lench Rous was woken up by a DIY wedding day full of laughs and love, which was followed by an evening party so big, rumour has it the vibes could be felt three villages over. Best of all, I got to be Tom & Tor’s Worcestershire wedding photographer.

My pal Will Fuller was second shooting for me once again and got to spend his morning capturing the lads getting ready & hitting the local Cider barn. I had the absolute pleasure of being in Tor’s parents house with the ladies. It was a busy but fun morning with the wedding cake being made, the finishing touches to the garden marque being done & the pretty important task of transforming Tor into a beautiful bride to be.

When everyone was dressed to impress, Tor & her dad took the short walk arm in arm through the village to the beautiful St Peters Church. Once their, she married the man of her dreams in a beautiful ceremony. Once the nuptials came to an end, the whole wedding party walked back to Tor’s parents garden and awaited, with confetti in hand, for the Lemon’s to return. Speeches followed, garden games & more laughs than you can shake a stick at.

As the sun set upon the afternoons proceedings, the band struck up and the place erupted with dance moves & copious amounts of alcohol. This was a party and a half and was so much fun to be in the middle of the dance floor to capture it.

A massive thank you to Tor & Tom for making me feel so welcome and for picking me to capture their day. I will never look at a Lemon again without thinking of you guys that’s for sure.

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If your looking for a Worcestershire wedding photographer to capture your day in a relaxed way then give me a shout. I love to blend natural story telling wedding photography with beautiful portraits that you can treasure forever.


  1. Absolutely awesome wedding from start to finish! Well done.

  2. Lemon-tastic stuff JC. Some stunning frames here, love the backlit shot in the church . . . beautiful use of light.

  3. Stunning set these Jonathan, every emotion under the sun and then some.. so good.

  4. Incredible storytelling dude, feel like I was there. So much fun and laughter x

  5. Gorgeous wedding, beautifully captured. Lovely work Jonathan.

  6. Beautiful images mate. Absolutely love the colors and compositions and timing of your shots. Basically everything 😉

  7. Luke Bell says:

    Beautiful photos and epic story telling mate. Incredible work.

  8. Gorgeous photos! Love the evening party shots!

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