Earlier this summer I had the absolute pleasure of being Rachel & Shaun’s Dumbleton Hall Wedding Photographer. I’m a sucker for couples that show off their personality within the traditions of a wedding day and these guys did just that.

The day started off as expected with the ladies enjoying their own company whilst getting wedding ready. Whilst they were doing that, Shaun and his boys took a drive around the surrounding area in their sports cars before suiting up, beering up and making their way outside to the beautiful gardens of Dumbleton Hall. Once there, they met up with their nearest and dearest and waited for Rachel and her bride tribe to meet them for their outdoor ceremony. Anyone that reads my blogs will know I love an outdoor ceremony and what made Rachel & Shaun’s a little more special was it being led by one of their besties. This personal touch made for such a fun and relaxed ceremony that everyone loved. If that wasn’t enough, instead of singing traditional wedding hymns, these guys decided upon singing songs by The Proclaimers and the Beatles….Now that’s how you do a ceremony 🙂

Garden games, alcohol and good times followed before everyone settled down for food and speeches. Then the dance floor happened….I could try an explain how crazy that went down, but the images will show you far better than my words.

I would love to thank Rachel & Shaun for letting me be their Dumbleton Hall Wedding Photographer. It’s the second time I’ve been to the venue and each time has been EPIC.

Dumbleton Hall Wedding Photographer Dumbleton Hall Wedding Photography


If your looking for a wedding photographer to capture your Dumbleton Hall Wedding then drop me a message and let’s have a chat about your day.


  1. Fantastic set of images mate, a real pleasure as always to look through your weddings, loving the bluebell shots.

  2. great editing, love the warmth . What a great venue too. They must be so pleased!

  3. Great photography! All the photos are fabulous and colourful. Moments are captured perfectly. Lovely couple… I love the theme, so original and natural. I am so inspired by your blog. I am glad to found this blog. Thanks for sharing.

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