Whatton House Wedding Photographer

Some weddings are calm & relaxing. Some couples just want to chill with a select few select people and chat the night away. Some weddings are not about letting loose but rather embracing the intimate post-ceremony bliss…..This was not some wedding…This was Jenny & Phil’s wedding. They wanted a party, they wanted chaos, they got it all and I got to be their Whatton House wedding photographer earlier this summer.

With the exception of the morning prep, the whole day took place at Whatton House & Gardens. The ceremony was held in the new small ceremony Tipi before everyone headed down to the large Tipi under a barrage of bubbles to drink and laugh away the afternoon. The sounds of DJ Flat white Chris filled the grounds giving the afternoon a festival feel. The weather had its moments, but it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits and as soon as showers stopped, everyone pilled out on the decking again to continue having an afternoon of tunes and laughter. The Speeches were proceeded by a round of shots for all the guests and that set the tone for the rest of the night really. The evening got wilder & crazier as the night progressed and The Covernote band took the party to the next level. I imagine there were a few heavy heads the next day.

Big shout-outs go to the makeup skills of Mattie White, and the hair talents of Tilly Octavia White. The stunning flowers by The Little Boho Bud. The super creative stylings of The Rustic Rose company. Thanks again to Jenny & Phil for choosing me to be their Whatton House Wedding Photographer.

Whatton House & Gardens WEDDING VENUE

Leicestershire’s Whatton House wedding venue is perfect for those wanting a rustic, festival-style wedding day. The giant Tipi (actually three tipi’s combined) allows for up to 150 guests to eat and then party the night away. Situated amounts beautiful kept gardens full of colour, trees and open spaces, you really do feel secluded with your exclusive use. There’s a smaller ceremony tipi also which means you can spend your whole day at Whatton House enjoying all it has to offer. The only thing Whatton House doesn’t have is onsite accommodation however, the nearby town of Loughborough has loads of hotels and guesthouses.

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