Hundred House Wedding Photographer039

The Hundred House Wedding Photographer

There are people that like to let their hair down on a night out and then there are absolute party people…..Jess & Paul are MENTAL party people and I was lucky enough to be their Hundred House Wedding Photographer.

Morning preparations were pretty calm and chilled. Jess seemed relaxed as she transformed in to her Bride alter ego. Fashionably late, she made it across to the grand St Chads Church in Shrewsbury where she met with Paul. After a beautiful and touching ceremony everyone piled outside of the church where a Champervan was waiting to mark the start of the party. Once the bar was drunk dry, everyone hopped on a bus and headed over to Telford’s The Hundred House wedding venue.

With vintage fairground games dotted across the venue’s beautiful gardens & the steady flow of alcohol, the afternoon went by in a haze of laughter and fun. Speeches saw the groom do his with his trousers by his ankles and sporting a pair of suspenders……You had to be there 🙂

The evening celebrations produced a dance floor full of carnage and the only way to photograph that kind of thing is get in the middle of it all. Drinks flowed, shirts came off, and the dance moves were on point. I left the Hundred House with visions from that dance floor that will haunt my dreams forever but damn, that’s how you throw a party.

Jess & Paul were absolute amazing people and being their Hundred House Wedding Photographer was an absolute pleasure.

The Hundred House Wedding Photographer The Hundred House Wedding Photography
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  1. This looks like such a fun wedding – well done Mr Coates – I loved looking through them

  2. Stuart Dudleston says:

    Absolutely love your dance shots! Smashed it.

  3. This wedding looked like a real laugh! Lovely work. The cornfield shots are beautiful… 🙂

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