It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since I was compiling my lockdown weekly blogs. I had to check the date of my last post and was shocked to see it was the end of June. We now find ourselves back in a lockdown again as the inevitable second spike has hit. I will not be doing a weekly round up this time, but I thought I would share with you some pics and videos from the last few months…Let’s call it the awkward moment between lockdowns 🙂

In all honesty, the school summer holidays very much felt like the 13 weeks of lockdown that proceeded it. We did have a few lovely days out however, every virus precaution was taken and we did keep away from most fun activities that we would normally have done or liked to have done during the summer. Like Lockdown 1.0, we spent much of the summer months in our garden. Here’s a little video from our last paddling pool session

We squeezed a three-day holiday to Skegness in right at the end of the summer. We seem to always go to that damn place but the kids love it. Pretty sure if we gave them the choice of a Caribbean beach or the murky brown waters of Skeg, they would pick the jewel of the North East every time. Here’s a short video from that fun weekend

It was strange seeing the boys head back to school in September and Emily go back to work. After doing one cold school run and getting used to seeing a playground full of mask-wearing parents, it soon felt like we hadn’t been away. I also got to shoot some weddings finally. Out of the 36 weddings I had booked for 2020, I’ve shot 5. I do have some booked for December, but I guess that depends on Boris and any extension to this current lockdown.

Last Halloween we made the boys a promise to do trick and treating in 2020, Unfortunately this promise was obviously broken and we couldn’t even have a house party with school friends as we had done for the last few years. We did decide to decorate the outside of the house, dress up, carve some pumpkins and have fun at home in our bubble. Here’s a vid of the carving

For years we have spent bonfire night freezing in a field watching an organised display. This year we bought a box of overpriced fireworks and melted marshmallows over a disposable BBQ…rock and roll.

And there we are. In some ways, 2020 seems like the longest year in history. It feels like forever since I’ve sat in a pub with friends, spontaneously gone for dinner in a restaurant or hugged someone that isn’t in my immediate bubble. On the other hand, it’s hard to believe we are planning on putting up the Christmas tree in a couple of weeks. I’ve never experienced time quite like it.

Stay safe everyone, next stop……Christmas

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