I spent a beautiful crisp winters afternoon with the Dixon family and simply documented a typical Sunday afternoon with them. Jacqui & Lee have four wonderful daughters that love to play and did so all afternoon. The house was full of giggles & smiles and it was truly an honour to spend time with them.

What I love about these Slice Of Life sessions is that they are natural, unposed & truly real photography. You don’t get much more real than photographing little ones sorting out socks, throwing each other around, board games, homework, taking the crazy dog for a walk & munching down on a Sunday roast.

Lee & Jacqui have adopted the Danish practice of “hygge” (pronounced “hooga”)….Yep, I asked what the flip that was too and after having it explained and witnessing it, I’m hooked. Totally adopting it in my house now. This article explains it better than I could however, it pretty much boils down to quality and cosy family time with no distraction….that means no mobiles, no TV & lots of snuggling up.

Massive thanks to the Dixon clan for letting me document a ‘Slice of Life’ family photography session. You guys Rock!

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