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Las Vegas Valley Of Fire Wedding

So there I was, back in early 2017 editing away and a message came through from Toni-Anne….”Kevin and I were wondering what your availability is like November 2018 and whether you’d be interested in joining us in Vegas?”. Fast forward 18 months and I’m on a plane, with my wife beside me, on the way to Las Vegas to be Toni-Anne & Kevin’s Valley of Fire Wedding Photographer. I seriously have the best job in the world.

It was an amazing week that started with a pre wedding shoot at Nelson’s Ghost town. Take a look here for more. I got plenty of time to enjoy all the amazing things there are to see in Vegas before and after the wedding. You can see more of my snap shots of Vegas here. But the main event was a fantastic wedding day that took in a crazy cool Penthouse, The Nevada desert (The Valley of Fire is such a cool place) and of course the iconic Vegas sign.

I’m gonna let the images do the talking rather than describe the day.  To say this wedding was special would be an understatement. Having the opportunity to capture Kevin & Toni-Anne’s Valley Of Fire Wedding will no doubt be a highlight of my wedding photography career for many years to come. Thanks guys for picking me to be your Valley Of Fire Wedding photographer.

Valley Of Fire
Valley Of Fire Wedding
Las Vegas Valley Of Fire Wedding
Las Vegas Wedding
Las Vegas Strip by Night
Valley Of Fire Wedding

Wedding Day +16 Days : The UK Leg

To cap off the perfect celebration of Toni-Anne & Kevin’s Vally Of Fire wedding, 16 days after their Vegas celebrations ended, they had a party to remember in the UK for all their family and friends that couldn’t make the trip. Be warned…..It got crazy…

Valley Of Fire Wedding – A Little From the Couple

Why Have your Wedding in Las Vegas
Kevin always said the only way I will ever get married is in Vegas, I called his bluff and off we went…

Why choose the Valley of Fire for the ceremony 
As Kevin had said he would only way I will ever get married is in Vegas. I  had the choice of where. I always wanted to get married outdoors, and what better opportunity than when you’re somewhere you know it won’t rain. So we started looking at The Vallery of Fire and Red Rock Canyon. After visiting VOF last year it was decided!!

Best bit about your wedding
TONI-ANNE – Something we never expected was the amount of people who came, to have 34 of our closes friends and family make the commitment to join is unbelievable. Really made the day special.

KEV – The same as Toni_Anne, having everyone there was unbelievable. I loved that every day people were making plans to do things – meeting for breakfast, hanging by the pool, going to shows etc. It brought strangers together to make one big group of amazing friends. The WhatsApp group is still going strong a month later. Plus the hot tub with the skyline view was something else!!! Take me back!!


  1. What a fab location for wedding not to mention the view from the pool! Great frames.

  2. Amazing! What a location to get married….and beautiful photo’s to show it off perfectly!

  3. WOW! What an epic place to get married, and what an opportunity! The colour of those rocks is sublime, and I love those evening shots in to the sun, stunning!

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