Not all wedding Dancefloors are created equally. Remember that statement before scrolling through these wedding photos as Ellis & Bethia’s dance floor went to level 11 and getting to be their Lains Barn Wedding Photographer was the perfect way to send off last year in style.

My morning was pretty calm with the ladies as they all laughed and prepared for what was to come. Arriving at Lains Barn I found Ellis mingling with his guests before taking his spot at the end of the aisle ready for Bethia to make her entrance. The ceremony was beautiful and became a family affair with their little boy insisting on being at the front with them.

The December weather held out for us and we did Confetti & group shots on the lawn and many guests enjoyed a drink or three outside on the patio before heading in for some emotional speeches. After dinner, the party vibes went up a notch before going off the scale when the dance floor opened. Being December, it was great to see Santa make time for the guests amidst his busy schedule and give many a guest a chug of champagne as his gift :)

Such a fun day and massive thanks to Bethia & Ellis for booking me top be their Lains Barn Wedding Photographer.

Lains Barn Wedding Photographer party at Lains Barn Best Lains Barn Wedding Photography Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0004 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0005 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0006 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0007 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0008 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0009 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0010

About Lains Barn Wedding Venue

Located in the heart of Oxfordshire, Lains Barn is a picturesque countryside wedding venue that offers up an enchanting & rustic setting for your wedding day. The main wedding barn is a beautifully restored barn that features the original wooden beams, exposed brickwork and a cozy atmosphere. A smaller, but attached barn, can play host to your drinks reception whilst the main barn is turned around for the wedding breakfast and evening celebrations. Outside is a large patio and grass lawn for you & your guests to enjoy. 
The Barn is is surrounded by trees and fields that overlook the Oxfordshire countryside

Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0011 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0012 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0013 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0014 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0015 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0016 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0017 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0018 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0019 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0020 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0021 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0022 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0023 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0024 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0025 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0026 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0027 lains barn Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0029

Wedding Photography at Lains Barn

There was no shortage space and locations at Lains Barn when it came to creating some cool photos. Even in December, with limited daylight hours, we managed to get lots of variety in outdoor spots. The lawn, patio and smaller barn will be the backdrop to those intimate moments & laughter between you and guests, whilst the trees and fields are perfect for some romantic portraits. The main barn provides a cosy & rustic flavour to the ceremony & wedding breakfast images. From its rustic interiors to the beautiful countryside surroundings, every corner of Lains Barn has the potential to be the perfect spot for some cool wedding pictures.

Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0030 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0031 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0032 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0033 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0034 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0035 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0036 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0037 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0038 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0039 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0040 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0041 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0042 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0043 Lains-Barn-wedding-photographer-0044 Lains barn wedding venue epic rains barn wedding photography

Are You Looking For A Lains Barn Wedding Photographer?

Are you planing a Oxfordshire wedding or wanting a Lains Barn Wedding Photographer? If so, drop me a message and let’s chat about what I can bring too your awesome wedding day.

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