The one constant itch I’ve wanted to scratch during this pandemic is an overwhelming urge to be by the sea. I’ve jealousy watched people on social media, that live close to the seaside, post stories & images of themselves spending their allotted ‘outside time’ on beaches and I found myself cursing my geographical handicap of living as far away from the coast as is possible to get in the UK. Well, that all changed this last week as team Coates took a five-day trip to Devon.

As well as some serious beach time, we cuddled baby micro pigs, we ate way too many Fish & Chip dinners, We visited places I used to holiday at as a child, We drank wine, we took the boys on a boat for the first time in their lives, we shopped, we wasted huge sums of money on 2p machines only to trade in 481 tickets for some bracelets that would be priced 10 for £1 on the market, we spent 7 hours driving what should have been a 3.5hr trip, I got sunburned & we loved every second of it. I feel fresh, recharged and ready for a busy summer of weddings ahead…bring it on.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful set of photos mate. Looks like you had an incredible time with the family.

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