Let me start this blog off by saying that no child was harmed in the making of these pictures….ish 🙂

I, like many men on Christmas morning, unwrapped the classic selection of socks, pants, slippers and that random box of chilli sauces we never asked for, but all got. The clothes are usually a necessity by this stage in the year, but the sauces often get put in the cupboard and only found two months after the used by date has been and gone. I was determined this year to get some use out of them, but before I could come up with some tasty dishes to fill with the spicy goodness, my eldest asked if we could do a chilli sauce challenge. Feeling this could all end in tears….I obviously said yes.

There were seven bottles in the set with each one getting gradually hotter. With a teaspoons worth of sauce on a tasteless Dorito, we each went head to head. The rules were simple, if you reached for the milk, you were out. Cheered on by Grandma, my youngest fell at the second bottle. We all knew he wouldn’t last long and if I had let him, he would have gone after the first. My wife lasted until bottle 4, which left myself and my eldest to battle through the rest of them. I’m pretty sure smoke came out of both out ears on the last bottle but we did it. Even with my tastebuds accustomed to spicy food, that last bottle had a BIG kick. As you can see by the pics below, the heat was too much for my eldest 🙂

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