Talk about a dream wedding venue, a super awesome couple and a fun wedding to remember. Getting to be Alice & Dale’s Castello di Petrata wedding photographer was an absolute joy. Their epic wedding in the Umbrian region of Italy was a true joy to be a part of. 

The whole day took place around the stunning grounds of Castello di Petrata. The morning saw Alice and her bridesmaid getting wedding ready in one of the beautiful suites inside the main castle, whilst Dale & his boys played some pool, donned their wedding attire and headed for the glorious gardens. The ceremony took place outside with the epic vista of the rolling Umbrian hills. Alice & Dale then mingled with their nearest and dearest amongst the vines and Olive tees whilst being serenaded by the Just FM Dixie Band. The wedding breakfast & fantastic speeches were held in the courtyard of the castle, under the festoon lights. Finally, everyone made their way up to the evening reception barn to party the night away…and party they did.

It was fantastic to work alongside Blue Ridge Wedding Videographer once again & also the wedding coordinating talents of Valentina of Petit Bouquet. These other suppliers also made the wedding a truly special day – MUA – @arosemakeup | DJ & Sax Duo – @tastensax | Celebrant – @tuscanpledges | Daytime band – @justfmdixie | Floristry – @ilenia_florist_wedding | Dress – @madewithlovebridal

epic Castello di Petrata dance floor Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0002 Castello di Petrata wedding ceremony Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0004 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0005 Castello di Petrata Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0007 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0008 Castello di Petrata wedding photographer Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0010 fun dance floor at Castello di Petrata Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0012 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0013 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0014 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0015 Castello di Petrata wedding photography

Castello di Petrata Wedding Venue

There are Italian wedding venues and then there is Castello di Petrata. This stunning 14th-century fortress is nestled in the Umbrian Hills in Assisi. It’s an all-in-one venue that can play host to every part of your wedding day and even has accommodation and a pool for some relaxed next-day pool party vibes. The castle itself is filled with large rooms and is a stunning backdrop to the day, but where this venue shines is the gardens and grounds it has for your ceremony and reception.  On top of that, the glorious views over the Umbrian countryside take everything up a level.

Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0017 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0018 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0019 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0020 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0021 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0022 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0023 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0024 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0025 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0026 Castello di Petrata courtyard Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0028 UK destination wedding photographer at Castello di Petrata Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0030 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0031 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0032 beautiful views of Umbrian hills Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0034 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0035 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0036 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0037 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0038 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0039 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0040

Wedding Photography at Castello di Petrata

When you have the epic views of Assisi and the Umbria Valley around you, it’s gonna be hard to find a bad spot for pictures. Every section of the day is surrounded by this picturesque backdrop and that’s a wedding photographer’s dream. Let’s be honest, when travelling to Italy for your wedding, it’s all about being outside so those natural candid images & cool romantic portraits will be captured amongst the 50 acres of gardens that Castello di Petrata wedding venue has to offer.

Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0041 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0042 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0043 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0044 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0045 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0046 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0047 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0048 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0049 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0050 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0051 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0052 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0053 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0054 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0055 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0056 Castello di Petrata wedding venue in Italy Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0058 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0059 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0060 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0061 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0062 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0063 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0064 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0065 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0066 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0067 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0068 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0069 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0070 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0071 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0072 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0073 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0074 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0075 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0076 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0077 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0078 Castello-di-Petrata-wedding-photographer0079

Are you looking for a Castello di Petrata Wedding Photographer

If you are looking for a UK-based photographer to travel and capture your Castello di Petrata wedding day then please drop me a message and let’s chat about your awesome day.

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