This year we took a break from our usual local fireworks display and booked tickets to visit Cattows Farm and their Halloween Afterdark event. We enjoyed some fairground rides, a dinosaur-themed corn maze, a creepy circus, street food, live music and fireworks. A proper fun-filled day in a VERY muddy field with my favourite people. Here’s a few pics…

bonfirenight0001 bonfirenight0002 bonfirenight0003 bonfirenight0004 bonfirenight0005 bonfirenight0006 bonfirenight0007 bonfirenight0008 bonfirenight0009 bonfirenight0010 bonfirenight0011 bonfirenight0012 bonfirenight0013 bonfirenight0014 bonfirenight0015 bonfirenight0016 bonfirenight0017 bonfirenight0018 bonfirenight0019 bonfirenight0020 bonfirenight0021 bonfirenight0022 bonfirenight0023 bonfirenight0024

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